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Our research interests stretch across the field of organic chemistry from traditional areas, such as synthetic reaction development and natural product synthesis to bioorganic chemistry, including enzyme inhibitor design, synthesis and testing. In all these fields, our primary laboratory activities involve organic synthesis or constructing molecules. There are currently two active projects in the group:

The ultimate goal of both projects is to develop new therapeutics for the treatment of a variety of ailments, most notably cancer and infectious diseases.

Teaching and Course Information

Fall 2013 Course:

Organic Chemistry 1 (CHEM 211)

Advanced Organic Chemistry: Synthesis (CHEM 311/511)

Past Courses:

Biological Organic Chemistry (CHEM 212)

Organic Chemistry 2 (CHEM 212)

Organometallic Chemistry (CHEM 334/534)

Medicinal Chemistry (CHEM 315/515)

Research Methodology (CHEM 251)

Drugs & How They Work (CHEM 116)

General Chemistry 1 (CHEM 103)



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