Group members



Name Tenure in Group Project
Diana Rachii 2019-date, graduate student Birch-Heck
Greg Feldman 2021-date, graduate student Birch-Heck
Mia Tran, ‘22 2020-date Birch-Heck
Dana Caldwell, ‘22 2021-date Birch-Heck
Erin Liu, ‘22 2021-date Birch-Heck
Kalyn Wiley, ‘23 2020-date Birch-Heck
Reece Carew-Lyons, ‘23 2021-date Birch-Heck
Yui Kosukegawa, ‘23 2022-date Birch-Heck

Former Graduate, Post-doctoral and Research Associate co-workers at Bryn Mawr College

Name  Tenure in Group, Degree Received Current Location  Project
Mary Sexton 2017-2021 Postdoctoral Researcher at PharmaBlock USA Birch-Heck
Andrew Krasley 2011-2017, Ph.D. 2017 Postdoctoral Researcher at Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Research Campus

Analytical Chemist at New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services

Sea Pharmaceuticals

Jenny Wai 2014-2016, research associate  Pharmablock USA IDO inhibitors
Sarah Burke 2009-2014, Ph.D. 2014 Assistant Prof., Neumann University

Post-doctoral fellow with Prof. John Tomsho at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

Maria Winters 2009-2014, Ph.D. 2014 Assistant Prof., Gwynedd-Mercy University

Assistant Prof., Delaware Valley College

York College

IDO inhibitors
Tina Morgan Ross 2000-2012, Ph. D. 2012 Co-Director Forensic Science Program, Drexel University Birch-Cope
Sanjeev Kumar 2005-2008, post-doctoral associate New Links Genetics, Ames, IA IDO inhibitors
Tapas Paul 2005-2006, post-doctoral associate Reseach Investigator
Syngene International Ltd.Bangalore, India (deceased 9/28/2012)
Robert Broadrup 2001-05, Ph. D. 2005 Visiting Assistant Professor, Haverford College Chemistry Department

The School at Church Farm, Secondary School Science Teacher

Aminophosphonic Acid, Peptidolactam
Paul Gaspari 2004-05, M. A. 2005

(Ph.D. 2011, Temple Univ.)

Director of Business Development at ChayseChem, Inc.

Director, Sales & Business Development at Cambrex

IDO inhibitors
Chenyang Tie 2001-03, M. A. 2003

(Ph. D. 2010, Ohio State Univ.)

Ohio State University Chemistry Dept. Peptidolactam
Bei Wang 2000-02, M. A. 2002 Senior Research Scientist, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Princeton, NJ Peptidolactam

Former Bryn Mawr and Haverford College Undergraduate Students 

Name  Tenure in Group, Degree Received Current Location  Project
Lynn Chen 2021 Researcher, Biology Department at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine Birch-Heck
Tanya Rudenko 2020-2021   Birch-Heck
Sam Petersen 2019-2021, B.A. 2021 Analytical Chemist at Merck Birch-Heck
Davis Chase, Haverford 2019-2021, B.A. 2021 Yale Chemistry Dept. Birch-Heck
Yelin Jung, ACS DOC SURF 2019 awardee 2019-2020, B. A. 2020 Clinical Trial Coordinator at Merck Birch-Heck
Heidi Coleman 2018-2020, B. A. 2020 Chemist at Hot Spot Therapeutics, Monmouth Junction, NJ Birch-Heck
Amy Gao 2018-2020, B. A. 2020   Birch-Heck
Alexandra Matei 2018-2020, B. A. 2020 Chemistry graduate student at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands Birch-Heck
Madison Hogan 2018-9, B. A. 2019 Chemist at Adesis, New Castle, DE

Research Associate,  Zeolyst International, Conshohocken, PA

Maham Haider 2018-9, B. A. 2019 Research Associate, InCube labs, San Jose, CA Birch-Heck
Sabrina Tran Tien 2017-9, B. A. 2019 Research Associate, Gilead Sciences, Seattle, WA Birch-Heck
Jiwoo Kim Summer 2018 3+2 Program Cal Tech University Birch-Heck
Hannah Terz 2017-8, B. A. 2018 Chemist at Adesis, New Castle, DE Birch-Heck
Christianna Kutz 2017-8, B. A. 2018 University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), Graduate School

Quality Control Lab Technician at AstraZeneca

Sarah Lew 2017-2018, B. A. 2018 Chemistry and Forensics Teacher, West Catholic Prep High School, Houston, TX

University of Delaware Chemistry Graduate School

Alpha-Arylation of Enolates
Pia Lopez 2017, B. A. 2018 Graduate Student in the Blum Group, Univ. of California at Irvine IDO
Alice (Jingyi) Tang 2016-2017, B. A. 2018 New England College of Optometry IDO
Allison Yang Summer 2017 Case Western Reserve University IDO
Zidu Zeng 2016-2017, B. A. 2018 Boston University Dental School IDO
Christabel Koomson 2016-2018, B. A. 2018 NYC Health Clinic IDO
Alanna Goldberg Summer 2016, B. A. 2018   Birch-Heck
Noribeth Cubias Sp 2016, B. A. 2017 Bryn Mawr College Alumnae/i Development, Research Analyst IDO
Martely Carrera Sp 2016, B. A. 2018   IDO
Shorouk Badir 2014-2016, B. A. 2016 UPenn Chem Grad School IDO
Hamna Shahnawaz 2015, B. A. 2018 Research at UPenn Birch
Shreekari Tadepalli 2015, B. A. 2018 Ohio State University Medical School IDO
Alexandra Friant 2013-2015, B. A. 2015 Research Associate at Seattle Genetics

Chemist at Adesis, Inc., New Castle, DE

Associate Investigator at The Chemours Co., Wilmington, DE

Eun-Young Park 2013-2015, B. A. 2015 Research Lab Support Associate at University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine IDO
Britt Benner Summer 2014 Bryn Mawr College Chemistry Graduate Program IDO
Linh Tran Summer 2014, B. A. 2016 Univ. of Arizona Chemistry Grad School

UPenn Chem Dept lab assistant

Eri Arai Summer 2014, B.A. 2016 UPenn Med School researcher IDO
Terry Huh

(ACS Div. Org. Chem. 2013 Summer UG Fellow)

2012-2014, B.A. 2014

(D.V.M. 2018, Tufts)

Intern Doctor, Animal Medical Center, New York, NY

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

Maisha Rahman 2010-2013, B. A. 2013

(M.S. 2015, SUNY Stony Brook)

Environmental Health and Safety, Columbia University

Adelphi University Laboratory Instructor

Graduate student, SUNY Stony Brook Chemistry Dept.

Birch-Cope, IDO
Eesha Sheikh 2011-2013, B. A. 2013, M.A. 2014 Chief Technical Officer, Colony Sugar Mills, Lahore, Pakistan IDO
Ariel Furman 2011-2013, B. A. 2013 Glassplant Scientist at Bristol-Myers Squibb

Chemours/Dupont Chambers Works lab technician

Roselyn Appenteng 2012-2013, B. A. 2013 Resident Physician, Vanderbilt University

Duke University Medical School

Sharan Mehta 2009-2012, B. A. 2012 Grad student in Sociology, Rice University

Chemistry Research Associate, Drexel University

Laura Alexander 2010-2011, B. A. 2011 Development Analytical Technician at Johnson Matthey

Lab Technician, Drexel University College of Medicine

Michael Ross 2010, B. A. Haverford 2012 Scientist I: Translational Biology at FogPharma, Boston, MA

Graduate Student, Washington University in St. Louis

Anna Giarratana 2009-2010, B. A. 2010 M.D./Ph.D. program, Rutgers, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (Fulbright Scholar 2019-20)

Biology Graduate School, Univ. of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

Yuan Qiao 2008-2010, B.A. 2010

(Ph.D. Harvard University)

Scientist at MERL, A*STAR

Harvard University Chemical Biology Program

Sarah Miller 2008-09, B.A. 2009

(M.D. 2016, Temple Medical School)

Temple Medical School Birch-Cope
Sarah Tabi

(ACS-PRF 2008 SUMR Fellow)

2008-09, B.A. 2009 SUNY Upstate Medical University Birch-Cope
Tu-Anh Vu 2008-09, B.A. 2009

(D. M. D. 2013, Univ. of Penn.)

Dentist in Brooklyn

University of Pennsylvania Dental School

IDO (collaboration with Dr. Judith LaLonde)
Jonathan Bennett Summer 2008, post-baccalaureate 2008

(M. D. 2012, Thomas Jefferson Univ.)

Thomas Jefferson University Medical School Birch-Cope
Natalee Smith 2006-08, B. A. 2008

(Ph.D. 2015, U. Delaware)

Bayer MaterialScience, Pittsburgh, PA

University of Delaware Chemistry Dept.

BDAD enzyme inhibitor synthesis
Marisa Winkler

(Bristol-Myers Squibb 2007 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow)

2007-08, B. A. 2008

(M.D. 2015, Ph.D. 2017, Case Western Reserve Univ. MD/PhD program)

Clinical Fellow in Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Case Western Reserve Univ., MD/PhD program

IDO inhibitors
Iva Yonova

(Bristol-Myers Squibb 2006 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow)

2006-08, B. A. 2008

(Ph. D. 2013, UC Irvine)

Project Management Analyst, Quintiles, Bulgaria.

Quintiles, Durham, NC

Univ. of California-Irvine Chemistry Dept., Ph. D. 2013/

Sophia Phounsavath 2006-07, B. A. 2007

(Ph.D. 2014, Rice Univ.)

Analytical chemist, NSF International

Senior Scientist, PSO Laboratory, LLC

Rice University Chemistry Dept.

Allison (Dudik) Singson 2006, B. A. 2007

(BSN USC-Beaufort)

Nurse at CHOP, Philadelphia, PA

BSN Univ. of South Carolina-Beaufort

IDO inhibitors
Jisun Lee 2005-06, B. A. 2006

(Ph.D. 2014, Univ. Penn)

Medicinal chemist, Pfizer

Laboratory Instructor, UPenn Chemistry Dept.

Postdoctoral Fellow, UPenn

Univ. of Pennsylvania  Chemistry Department, Ph.D. 2014/

Shauna Bennett 2005, B. A. 2007

(Ph.D. 2013, Univ. of Michigan)

Postdoctoral Research Assoc., Scripps Research Institute

The University of Michigan Program in Biomedical Sciences, Ph.D. 2013

National  Institutes of Health (NICHD)/

IDO inhibitors
Ronke Imbeah-Ampiah 2004-06, B. A. 2006

(M.Phil., Cambridge Univ.)

Senior Analyst (Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement) at PriceSpective

Cambridge University, MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise


IDO inhibitors
Marisha Banerji

(Bristol-Myers Squibb 2004 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow)

2003-04, B. A. 2006 Research Assoc. IMT GAHZIABHAD

Univ. of Connecticut Biochemistry Dept.

Birch-Cope, Hemiaminal
Kate Johnson 2003, B. A. 2005

(M. P. H. Yale School of Public Health)

Assistant Professor of Public Health Studies, Elon University

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA

Yale School of Public Health

IDO inhibitors
Wynne Kandur Summer 2003, B. A. 2006

(Ph. D. 2013, UC Irvine)

Senior National Security Analyst at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

AAAS Fellow

NYU Clinical Assistant Professor

Univ. of California-Irvine Chemistry Dept.

Merck & Co., Rahway, NJ/

Sook (Chan) Hoang

(Bristol-Myers Squibb 2002 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow)

2002-04, B. A. 2004

(M.D. 2011, Penn St. Medical School)

UVa Assistant Prof. of Surgery

UMass Medical School (general surgery)

Penn State Hershey Med. School

Merck & Co., Rahway, NJ

IDO inhibitors
Sadie White
(Marshall Fellow 2002-2003)
2002-03, B. A. 2003

(Ph.D. 2010, U Penn Engineering)

US Patent Office, VA

UPenn Material Sciences

Dupont Chemical Co., Wilmington, DE

Elisa Jimenez 2001-03, B. A. 2003 Chemistry Teacher, Mexico; Teacher at GEMS World Academy, Switzerland Peptidolactam
Rachel Kahn
(Bristol-Myers Squibb 2001 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow, Pfizer 2002 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow)
2001-03, B. A. 2003 Dupont Chemical Co., Wilmington, DE Peptidolactam
Katherine Wang 2001-02, B. A. 2003 Peace Corps. Peptidolactam
Grace M (Quaker) Huynh 2002, B. A. 2002 Senior Research Associate I at Gilead Sciences

UCLA Chemistry Dept.

Merck & Co., Rahway, NJ

Soo Youn Yi 2000-01, B. A. 2001

(M. D. 2008, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School)

Columbia University, Dept. of Surgery

Robert Wood Johsnon Medical School, NJ (surgical resident)

Wyeth-Ayerst, Princeton, NJ

Aminophosphonic Acid
Camilla Sulak 2000-01, B. A. 2001

(M. D. 2016, Univ. of Arizona)

Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Residency

Elementary School Teacher, Washington, D. C.

National Parks Ranger and Tour Guide


Former University of New England Undergraduate Students

Name  Tenure in Group, Degree Received Current Location  Project
Melissa Foss 1999, UNE


(B. S. 2009, Univ. South Florida

J. D.  2013, Stetson University College of Law)

Staff Attorney at 13th District Court, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Aminophosphonic Acid
Kris Paolino 1999-2000 , B. S. 2001, UNE

(M.D. 2005, SUNY Buffalo)

Infectious Disease Clinical Researcher and Consultant, Infectious Diseases, SUNY-Upstate Medical University

Infectious Disease Physician, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

Aminophosphonic Acid
Lauren (Abrardo) Stutzman (CUR Undergraduate Summer Research Fellow, 2000) 1999-2000 , B. S. 2001,  UNE

(Pharm. D., Temple Univ.)

Clinical Pharmacist, Coatesville, PA Peptidolactam
Kevin Morneault 1998, B. S. 1998, UNE

(D.O. 2003, UNE)

Central Maine Medical Center (anesthesiologist) Peptidolactam
Ian Paquette 1998-2000, B.S. 2000, UNE

(M.D. 2004, Dartmouth Medical School)

Univ. of Cincinnati Medical School (surgery) Peptidolactam
Scott Cyr 1997-2000, B.S.1999

(D.O. 2002, UNE)

Central Maine Medical Center (internal medicince physician) Peptidolactam